To Get More Demand, Create Scarcity

If you want to get more demand of a product, create scarcity of the value of the product. Ever wondered why most foodstuff increase in their prices when ever they aren’t easy to be found.

Surprisingly this also works in Relationship, a favourite quote of mine says “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Dear ladies, no matter how your heart beats faster when he calls your name, no matter how much you’ve wanted him to come around you and now he can’t seem to stay a day without you. Please sometimes take some moments off. For your sake and his sake too.

Also most people need to miss certain things to really value those things. This has been explained in various laws, like the law of marginal utility, law of demand and supply etc

Even the Sun abandons us for 12 hours just so we get to appreciate it when it comes up in the morning. (okay this is my mind playing)

Most Copywriters know this and make use of it.

But then as a content marketer or brand builder, you need to put scarce contents. Value that can’t be seen in any other place but your page, social media or your contents.

As a Business owner, other businesses around you offer the same product, why not make yours the scarce one by offering drinking water to all customers who buy above a certain price.

It is scarcity that makes the word of God valued. Samuel was a great prophet because he heard God in a time when the word of God was scarce (other translations say rare and precious)

But what made it precious was because it was scarce.

Most times don’t allow yourself to be accessible, You are rare and precious so let the demand for your presence be so high. You deserve more.

Hope you found value?



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