Finding Your Unique Selling Point

What is a unique selling point? This is that unique quality that makes you better than your competitors. It is the strength that you have in your business. That attribute that your business performs better in than other brands in your field.
No two people are entirely the same even if they are twins. No man is an island and this is good because no man can do it all.

So how do you find out what your unique selling potential is?

You can discover this by compliments, what particular attribute do you have or your business possess that your customers always compliment on. When you think of a brand, what particular attribute comes to your mind? That is their USP there.
What do your customers tell you that they love about you? Your speed, your honesty, your excellence in delivery, or customer service?

Another way to discover your USP is what is that quality that you can easily achieve with ease, do you find out that raw materials are found within your locality, this can help reduce your cost, are your delivery cars more reliable, you have confident and competent staff, then that is your USP, do you have more of equipments or are
1a they of the best quality?
If you know of other ways one can discover their USP, kindly let us know in the comments.

Hope you found value?

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